Concept 2 SkiErg

OIRO £650 + VAT

Collection from Wimbledon, SW19. Supplied new in November 2022 and in excellent condition.

Description: Institutional-grade skiing exercise machine with air-resistance flywheel, adjustable handle straps and self-calibrating electronic performance monitor.

Construction: Frame: Bent steel boxframe with steel top and bottom brackets. Optional floor stand is
constructed of steel frame pieces with a SkidGuard® deck.

Flywheel: Fully enclosed spool-driven flywheel is steel with glass-reinforced ABS squirrel cage
fan attached. The flywheel enclosure is made of hi-impact, ABS Thermo-plastic.

PM Monitor (PM3 and PM4): Battery-powered LCD digital display features time/distance
skied; calories burned; power produced (watts); stroke rate; stroke output (watts, calories,
meters); average pace (time per 500 meters); library of preset workouts (timed, distance, timed
interval, distance interval); projected finish (time or distance); split memory recall function;
optional heart rate monitor interface. Choose from a variety of units and graphic display options
including Force Curve, Pacer and Bar Chart. The Fish Game, Darts, Target Training and Biathlon
provide video game-like competition. C2 LogCard easily and automatically records workouts and
tracks progress without separate paper record of each workout. PC-interface to transfer LogCard
data to your personal computer. Power generation feature extends the life of the batteries by
providing operating power to the PM while skiing. Monitor is powered by two D batteries (PM3)
or a rechargeable battery pack (PM4) and are included. No external power source is needed.
Wireless heart rate monitoring and PM to PM racing is standard on the PM4.

Misc: Adjustable air resistance; impact-resistant, glass-reinforced Nylon, ergonomicallydesigned handles with adjustable nylon straps; Dyneema® drive and handle cords. Mounts on
the wall or on optional floor stand.

Benefits: The Concept2 SkiErg helps you build strength and endurance by working the entire
body in an efficient, rhythmic poling motion that is integral to all techniques of Nordic skiing.
Skiing is a low-impact, high calorie-burning exercise suitable for all ages and abilities. The user is
in complete control of the resistance: the harder the pull, the faster the flywheel spins, which
creates more resistance. The SkiErg easily accommodates athletes with lower leg injuries:
injured athletes can sit or kneel, reducing the amount of leg involvement, while training at normal
intensity and duration using just upper body and core.
When wall-mounted, the Concept2 SkiErg measures 7’3” tall by 19” wide and 10” deep.
When attached to the optional floor stand, the Concept2 SkiErg measures 7’4” tall by 29” wide
and 48.5” deep

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